An email hit my inbox stating the “Spring Shipment” for our Fidelitas wine club membership was available for pickup starting March 1st, 2013. “ Weren’t we just singing Christmas carols?” I asked out loud and to no one in particular. “We’ll now, would you look at that…” I add as I look out the window. I am witnessing over a dozen robins fighting it out at the swimming hole just outside. It looks like there are sparrows, finches, and a couple of starlings, which I detest, trying to get into the fun as well. I call out to V to get her camera and try to get a few photos of the ruckus.



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2013 Open That Bottle Night (OTBN)

This year’s function is a bit different, to be sure. Dearest friends we have enjoyed this occasion with are gone on their annual trip south to warmer climes. They started a little earlier this year however, because they went on a cruise beforehand. Other friends with whom we’ve celebrated this occasion have been transferred to other jobs out of state. With other friends; this, that, and the other thing seemed to get in the way. We do try to rotate attendees to “keep things fresh” but we do like the comfort known relationships provide too. So, we try to get a good mix of both for Open That Bottle Night (OTBN). It is sort of the same with wine. It is good to have the known, consistent quality some vintners provide, but it is good to inject new wines we haven’t experienced yet into the mix just to keep life from getting mundane.
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Valentines Day – Past, Present, and Future

It’s Valentine’s week…
A great amount of activity was planned for our life this week. We attended the Barnard-Griffin special Valentine’s dinner at their bistro on Thursday evening and courtesy of some good friends we attended the Terra Blanca release party for their 2009 ONYX red blend on Friday. I thought we were going on a little wine adventure during the Red Wine and Chocolate event weekend too. However, as it turns out the grandbabies came for a short visit and so the world revolves around them. As it should when one is that age – time enough for the reality of life later. Besides, B&V can have red wine and chocolate any time they jolly well please…
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Reunion, of sorts

Offhandedly V tells me, “I’m going to go to a sleep over with my sisters next Friday. I guess you need to find someone to go to the game with you.”

The game she was speaking of was the upcoming Tri-City Americans versus the Victoria Royals. V&I are season ticket holders for the Ams and we try not to miss games. We really enjoy watching the young men play and while the games sometimes don’t end the way we like, we have a good time. The couple that watches hockey together – stays together. I will add here that my left leg and arm are sore after most games too because of the pounding they receive from V. The back-to-back nights are especially grueling.
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Stepping Out of Comfort Zones

So, T&V want to share a special bottle of wine with us, do they? How exciting! It’s as if Open That Bottle Night (OTBN) is here already, when in fact it is a month off. Eager with anticipation, V&I walk the couple of blocks to their house. We haven’t seen T&V since well before the holidays. They have been on a trip to Montana and to Idaho Nordic skiing and we’ve been busy ourselves and want to reconnect.
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The Search

After a dinner of Posole, the soup of Hispanic origin, and tortillas with a little extra “color” from warming them up over an open flame, I say, “Let’s find those notes to the Rulo Chardonnay tasting we did over the Holidays.” I add, “Do you know where you put them?”

V looks at me, rolls her eyes, and responds, “I don’t know where you put those notes, but I will join you in the search.”
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Treveri (By Way of The Mojave – Part Deux)

We have a plan and we are sticking to it…
However, it is good to be flexible and look for alternatives if the original plan doesn’t quite work. Else, you might go hungry. Else, you might miss out on the day Fortune smiles on you. Else, you might miss out on a certain piece of fresh apricot pie – but that is another story for another time…
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Treveri (By Way Of Mojave)

V put the groceries she picked up on the way home down on the counter and with that smile, she says “Oh yeah, I bought a magazine too…” I replied with a smile “I’ll just bet you did…Which one?”
Seattle Magazine - I just had to, it is the Best of 2012 issue and it has an article about sparkling wine.” She followed that statement up with, “One of the highlighted sparkling wines in the article is Treveri near Yakima.”
“That means we are taking a trip, isn’t it?” I smiled…
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Enter The New Year

Here we are…2013
The anticipation for this web endeavor was to get a posting per week, However, computer, medical, Christmas/New Years’ holidays got in the way.
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Cookies for the Troops

This fall V&I had the privilege of pouring wine for Barnard-Griffin winery during the recent “Catch The Crush” event weekend, October 13th.  At our station was the remarkable 2008 Riesling.  This wine was rated number 66 of the top 100 wines of 2008 by Wine Spectator.  We love pouring wine for Rob and Deb because we can be confident of the quality of the wine we are asked to present to the public and won’t have to make excuses for off-putting, second-class wine.  Additionally Rob, Deb, and their children are just good people.  The tasting room manager, Kim Gravenslund, has used us in this capacity previously for special occasions and event weekends because she has confidence in us, we have alcohol servers training, and Class 12 Mixologist credentials.  Not a bad thing to have in your back pocket when the need arises.  But, I digress, as I often do. Continue reading

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