Enter The New Year

Here we are…2013
The anticipation for this web endeavor was to get a posting per week, However, computer, medical, Christmas/New Years’ holidays got in the way.

That being said – As with a great deal of folks, with the onset of the new year V&I take time to reflect on:
- the joy and grief, great times with family and friends, and the togetherness we shared during the past year
- what steps to take to create more balance in our life together
- what wine adventures we want to experience
In other words taking stock of what is important to us and shed the things which encumber enjoyment of whatever time we have left together.

The Mayans were wrong…Thank goodness
They either got tired of creating that timepiece or perhaps they ran out of rock. In either case; humanity continues on the planet, the sun continues to shine, and anticipating another grape harvest in our little corner of the world.

The politicians got together enough to avert sending the economy over the cliff. Hopefully, when the discussion turns to extending the debt limit in a couple of months they will remember their constituents, what really needs to happen to keep America strong, and show some leadership for a change. What are the odds, I wonder, of that happening? Do the Vegas oddsmakers have a line going on that?

The NHL Ownership and Players Union got together enough to salvage a shortened season. Hopefully, for 10 years we as fans won’t have to deal with the contentious relationship again as they get back to the business of hockey. Wait a minute – I thought it was a game…

Regardless of all that, this afternoon V&I are going over to our dearest friends, Darrell and Vanessa’s, home, enjoy being together with them, some Seahawks Playoff football, and some of our “World Famous Green Chili White Beans.” Hopefully, they will come out with the rare away win.
Hopefully, some Sam Adams – maybe some red wine, will be in the mix too.
Hope Hope Hope and it isn’t even spring yet…

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2 Responses to Enter The New Year

  1. Karen says:

    Green chili white beans? Would love to see that recipe!
    BTW, I have a certain framed “Pungo Palace” for you!

    • benndunn says:

      Thank you so much…The recipe will be shared with you in person. Mostly helter-skelter, but a couple of things REALLY must happen for it to be “World Famous”

      BTW – Thanks for the Pungo Palace. What memories it evoked! Got me kinda misty. See you soon