Took a week off, more like two, from writing. Truth be told, wasn’t really sure we would even continue this. In the grand scheme of things, did it really matter if B&V capture their events, their wine experiences, and their love on a weekly basis and post it all for others to read? So many couples don’t do that, why should we? All things considered, we decided it does matter. We wanted to show others that it does matter.

It matters – just like matters that grape growers tend the vines with a seasonal aspect to their every activity. It does indeed matter that they tend the vineyards. Sure, the grapes would grow anyways for a time, albeit not as vigorous. But grow they would, for a time. The clusters in the untended vineyards would be malformed, the berries not as consistent; in shape, size, or concentrated juice. The end product, the wine – even in the hands of the best winemaker, would not be the joyous celebration that it should be each time a bottle is opened. Over time in the neglected vineyards then, even the vines themselves would not emerge from the trunks, so how could grapes?

It matters that just the correct amount of water is applied. It matters that the leaves on the vines cover the fruit on one side to shield from the blistering sun in the afternoon. It matters that some of the clusters have to be pruned away in order for the rest to become all that they have the potential to be.

Think of vineyards as a metaphor for relationships. Relationships correctly tended; grow, mature, produce fruit, and are celebrated joyously as they are poured out in everyday life. Conversely if relationships are ignored; the fruit produced is misshapen, inconsistent in form, dimension, and substance. How can the end product of that, the wine, be celebrated joyously or otherwise? Deserted little by little over time, the relationships shrivel; produce no fruit, no joy. Surely you have seen old untended trunks in abandoned vineyards. No vines, and obviously no grapes, emanating from the wizened forms.

And yet, even abandoned vineyards with attention from the experienced grower, together with just the right amount of water and nutrients, can be transformed. Cultivated once again; the grower then takes a knife to the trunk, makes an ever so slight cut. Wondrously in a short period of time a new shoot becomes visible, grows, lengthens, flowers, then produces fruit. Tender, Loving, Care – even if it comes in the form of a cut – is a remarkable thing.

What have you done lately to tend your relationship vineyard? Don’t stop applying TLC. Don’t get carried away with the cares of the day. Regardless of the season; spring, summer, fall, or winter there is always some work that could be – should be done.


This evening; open a bottle, pour some of the contents into glasses, and perform the ritual of “The Clink.” Be fully present in that moment; mentally, physically, and spiritually. See if that isn’t the start of something good.

That is how we view Life, Love, and Wine in Washington through the lens of our wine glasses, this week.

D&V – thanks for the gift of the Kestrel wine.

Gift from D&V

Gift from D&V

The 2007 Two Ton Estate Cabernet Sauvignon
Kestrel front

Kestrel front

was most delicious and made even better when shared! Re-gifting was taken to a better level. Wouldn’t you agree?

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2 Responses to TLC

  1. john p. says:


    Keep the post going it is interesting, hope things are well with you family

  2. vanessa says:

    re-gifting is a pleasure!!!!

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